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3 Ways That SERVPRO Serves Adjusters and Their Clients

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

Air movers placed in a hallway of a building SERVPRO of The Saint Croix Valley offers a response service that is available 24/7.

SERVPRO Helps Adjusters and Their Clients in Three Ways

An insurance adjuster for business owners in Hammond, WI, collaborates with a variety of professionals to assist clients, including commercial remediation specialists. These companies work with the owners and the adjuster to effectively repair properties after a disaster. However, one of these organizations stands out among the rest. SERVPRO goes above and beyond in serving agents and their clients through various methods.

1. Fast Response

Disasters can occur or manifest at inconvenient times. The insurance client might notice a leak right before the weekend or a fire could ravage a building in the middle of the night. A strong restoration company offers a response service that is available to business owners 24/7 and deploys experts in a matter of hours. Fast emergency repair helps the business recover fast and it reduces the insurance claim expenses, benefitting both the adjuster and the client.

2. Detailed Information

The information regarding commercial damage is important since it helps both the client and the insurance adjuster make the best decision regarding the case. SERVPRO has a claims information center that collects and organizes information in a way that is useful to the insurance agent. It provides a job file that includes photos, detailed descriptions and paperwork, as well as job costs and industry-standard comparisons. Agents can request this information in both physical and electronic copies.

3. Pretesting Process

Adjusters prefer to restore property and objects instead of replacing them, as the latter is more expensive. The best way to measure restorability is to have a remediation company run pretesting on the affected area and belongings. In addition to determining what can be salvaged or replaced, the process provides information to both the technicians and the adjusters. They can see what equipment and methods they need for the best results and the estimated costs of the procedure.
The right remediation company can make the repair process beneficial to both the insurance adjuster and the establishment owner. SERVPRO provides these services and more to successfully help both parties.

Commercial Storm Insurance: What Does It Cover?

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof Wind cause missing shingles in this roof.

What Commercial Storm Insurance Covers?

Are you a Glenwood City, WI  business owner who wonders what commercial storm insurance actually covers? It is important to understand your coverage in order to be prepared for an emergency if it should occur. Here are three things that are covered by most policies in addition to damage to your actual building itself.

1. Wind damage. If your area is particularly prone to windstorm issues, you will be happy to learn that most wind-related storm damage is covered by commercial insurance. Remember to keep records of any damage directly caused by wind, such as pictures and receipts from repair work.

2. Theft and Vandalism. Unfortunately, criminal acts can become a concern when dealing with storms and similar disasters, so most policies will cover both vandalism and theft that can affect your building as a result of a storm.

3. Business equipment. If your supplies, furnishings, office fixtures and other equipment are damaged during bad weather, most storm insurance policies will cover it.

Keep in mind that damage from floods, earthquakes and hurricanes may not be a part of your standard insurance coverage without an added rider. Talk to your insurance agent about including these coverages to better protect your business and your investments.

Getting Help After a Storm

If you ever find yourself facing storm-related damage at your business, wait until the weather dies down to seek help. Then, call a trusted commercial storm damage company in the Glenwood City, WI, area for assistance with cleanup and remediation. While you may feel the urge to take matters into your own hands, it is better for you, your business and your insurance claims to get help from trained technicians who know what to do in such a situation.

Storm insurance and storm damage, in general, can be hard to navigate for even the savviest of business owners. Talking to your insurance agent and other knowledgeable professionals can help take some of the burdens off of you and put you in a position to take control after a storm.

How To Prepare Your Business For Hail Damage

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

Circles on a roof with chalk, hail damage on a roof Regular maintenance can help prevent severe roof damage.

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, not the least of which is maintaining your commercial property. Along with regular building maintenance, have a plan in place in case of natural disasters, such as hail storms. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for possible hail damage.

Know the Common Types of Hail Damage

Think through potential types of damage so you can make sure you have each one covered. Here are a few common types:

Roof Damage: This is a very common area of hail damage. Be sure to have your roof regularly inspected and repaired, especially after a hail storm. Regular maintenance can help prevent severe roof damage.

Glass Damage: If you have skylights, be sure that they are impact-resistant. Windows can be at risk too, depending on the angle of the hail coming down. Consider using impact-resistant glass here as well.

Property Damage: Hail can also cause damage to the property surrounding your building. This could include trees, HVAC units, or even commercial vehicles kept on your property.

Make Sure You are Covered
Once you have reviewed potential sources of storm damage, make sure that you have adequate commercial property insurance. This type of insurance will cover the financial impact of storm-related damage, which is an important protection for the financial health of your company. In the event of storm damage, initiate a claim with your insurance company and request authorization for a Roberts, WI, storm damage company to come in to do repairs. You don't want to be left with roof damage or other property damage impeding your ability to get back to business.

Protect Employees
Have an emergency plan in place to make sure employees stay safe in the event of a hail storm. Designate a gathering area safely away from windows, and communicate a procedure to follow with your employees. Consider practicing emergency drills.
No one wants to think about their business suffering storm damage, but early preparation can save a lot of hassle in the event of damaging hail. Make sure you have your bases covered to protect your property, your employees and your hard work.

What Is a Preferred Vendor?

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment, air movers and dehumidifiers drying a wet carpet. Office drying in Bay City, WI.

With a big commercial disaster claim, there’s often a lot on the line. Everyone involved, from the property manager to the business owner to the commercial property insurance agent, has an interest in making sure that the restoration work is completed competently, on schedule, and at a fair price. In many cases, this is most easily accomplished by using the insurance company’s preferred vendors.

What Is a Preferred Vendor?

Insurance companies have extensive experience handling disaster-based claims and working with various disaster recovery companies. Over time, some restoration companies begin to stand out as consistently delivering quality work and reasonable estimates on time. Insurance providers often designate such restoration companies as “preferred” vendors.

How Does a Preferred Vendor Program Work?

Most commercial insurance companies have some sort of process for selecting vendors for preferred status. Typically, these vendors must meet exacting guidelines for quality and performance to be selected as preferred vendors. Insurance companies ordinarily monitor these vendors to ensure that they continue to consistently meet these standards and maintain compliance with all requirements. For an insurance agent, working with a preferred vendor usually means a shorter turnaround time for approving estimates, since the vendor’s billing practices have already been approved by the insurance provider.

How Does SERVPRO Ensure Compliance?

SERVPRO is not only one of America’s largest restoration companies, but also has some of the industry’s highest internal performance standards. Every franchise must comply with 21 different performance guidelines, covering such matters as:

  • minimum insurance requirements
  • employee background checks
  • bookkeeping and data reporting procedures
  • equipment training and maintenance

These extensive requirements help ensure that every franchise continues to live up to the company’s high standards for quality and professionalism.

In the aftermath of a disaster in Bay City, WI, working with a respected and reliable preferred vendor typically makes things easier for the assigned insurance agent. The result is that restoration begins sooner, which is good news for the property owner as well.

Buying in a Flood Zone: What To Do

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

Sandbag pile protection from flood Remember that even homes outside of a flood zone can suffer from floods.

Flood Zones

Are you planning to buy a home in the Prescott, WI, area that falls within a flood zone? There are a few things you should do to prepare so you can better protect your finances and potentially your future property. Here are four steps to take to better inform yourself about flood zones and figure out if you really want to live in a high-risk area.

1. Estimate flood insurance costs. When you live at a location that has a high risk of flooding, it is very common for flood insurance to be required - sometimes by the federal government. Get a few quotes before you buy the home, and make sure to ask for any discounts that you may be eligible for. You will also want to ensure that federal coverage is not required.

2. Learn the home’s exact zone. Some areas of a flood zone are considered lower risk than others. Make sure to find the FEMA map for your area to know exactly what kind of risk you are dealing with. Additionally, your home may need to be re-categorized if it was mapped out a long time ago.

3. Get an elevation certificate. It is possible that an elevation certificate will be required if you purchase a home within a high-risk zone. Such a certificate can also help you further gauge the probability of a bad flood at or near your house.

4. Know your local remediation service. If you should suffer from a damaging flood, you will want professional help to have the best chance of restoring your property. Find out what your most trustworthy local storm damage service is so you have reliable cleanup aid in the event of a disaster.

If you are getting discouraged by the prospect of living in a high-risk area, remember that even homes outside of a flood zone can suffer from floods. After following the steps above, you will be better able to understand what you are getting into before making the serious commitment of home ownership.

3 Ways To Fix a Toilet That Keeps Flushing

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

Flushometer Toilets that are not connected to flushometers may keep running for different reasons.

Three Ways To Fix Toilet Overflow

Commercial toilets run the risk of problems that may cause continued flushing. The underlying cause of this problem may be determined by the setup of the bathroom facilities at a building in Baldwin, WI. Here are three ways to fix toilet overflow problems and reduce the added cost and risk of a toilet flood associated with this plumbing issue.

1. Fix the Flushometer

A commercial structure may rely on a flushometer to eliminate waste from toilets or urinals. These systems are either manual or automatic. If facilities equipped with this technology start running continuously, it may be necessary to clean or replace the gasket of a manual flushometer or the diaphragm kit of an automatic model.

2. Check the Internal Components

Toilets that are not connected to flushometers may keep running for different reasons. A flapper may not seal properly and could require replacement or fill tube adjustments. A fill valve leak might also be the cause of the problem. These repairs are relatively easy for amateurs to complete, but a building owner or manager can also schedule expert repair and water damage restoration.

3. Call a Plumber

If the owner or manager of a commercial building cannot stop a toilet, it is time to contact a plumber. Repairs should ideally take place prior to a toilet overflow. If a facility has already become flooded, shut off the water supply and try to extract as much standing water as possible with a mop or wet-dry vacuum.
Whether the bathrooms in a commercial building are equipped with flushometers or have standard designs, these measures can stop water from continuously running through a toilet and reduce the risk of a toilet overflow. These fixes may be done by the owner or manager of a building in Baldwin, WI, or it may be worthwhile to rely on a plumber to prevent water damage.

Steps To Clean Smoke and Soot after a Fire

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

Soot damaged wall Soot damaged wall in a New Richmond, WI home.

Minimize Smoke Damage In Your Home

A fire can be a disastrous experience to endure, and the destruction can be devastating. Extinguishing the blaze is only the first step toward recovery, and you will need to move quickly to begin the cleanup process to avoid incurring even more losses. If your home in New Richmond, WI, has been damaged by fire, follow these steps to sanitize your residence and minimize smoke damage.

Make a Plan

You will need to decide whether to tackle the cleanup process on your own or call in the professionals. Consider a few factors to help you make the right choice.

  • Size of the fire
  • Type of fire
  • Exposure Time

If you’re dealing with a large fire that means that damage from soot and smoke can be intensive. The types of materials that were burned can also play a role in the level of difficulty in restoring your home. The length of time your belongings have been exposed to smoke is also important, and the more time passes, the more complex the cleanup can be.

Ventilate the Home

Open all the windows and doors as soon as possible after smoke damage and use fans to increase the airflow. You may even need to remove window screens to maximize the amount of fresh air inside.

Clean and Deodorize

All fabrics and upholstery may need to be washed or dry cleaned to remove lingering odors. All solid surfaces can be to be sanitized, and your HVAC will likely need attention, as well. This can be a long and tedious endeavor, but it’s essential to clean everything thoroughly to reduce smoke and soot damage.

Repaint the Walls

It may be necessary to apply new paint to the walls of your home to ensure proper smoke cleaning. Be sure to wash the walls first, and let them dry completely.

If you don’t feel prepared for the task of cleaning and sanitizing, or your problems are persisting, contact a fire restoration service to help you avoid soot and smoke damage and return your home back to normal.

How the Pros Clean Electronics After a Fire

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Cable connected to plug catching fire Electrical fire in River Falls, WI.

How To Clean Electronics After a Fire

If you're like many businesses, you rely on electronic equipment at work each day. Without dependable devices such as computers, printers and servers, you would not be able to communicate effectively, meet customers' demands or keep up with competitors in a demanding, fast-paced environment. It's no wonder an electrical fire in your building would cause so much concern. Fortunately, there are ways River Falls, WI, companies can salvage and even repair your electronics following a fire.

How They Start

It's helpful to know how these fires can start so you can put safeguards in place to help prevent them. An electrical fire is largely preventable if you are simply aware and use equipment properly. Here are some causes of these situations:

  • Faulty outlets
  • Old, run-down equipment
  • Circuit overloading
  • Running cords under rugs or carpet
  • Keeping cords too close to heat sources

Call in the Pros

If a fire damages your electronics, or if you know you need to address computer cleanup, get in touch with a trusted electronics cleanup company. Unplug the equipment and don't attempt to turn on anything. The specialists will come to your office and assess the severity of the problems and the extent of the damage. These companies have the right experience, tools and methods to safely clean and restore your items without posing the risks of ruining them. The team will be sensitive and will handle everything with care.

The Process

To combat issues such as smoke damage, the technicians will start by wiping down the equipment with a soft cloth. Next, a crew member may use compressed air to blow dust and other debris out of motors and ports. The company will handle everything carefully, as the items may be fragile.
A professional company is accustomed to repairing and cleaning up devices after an electrical fire. As distressing as this ordeal may be, you can have confidence that you can use the electronics once again when you enlist the help of a cleanup specialist.

3 Helpful Things To Know About Flood Insurance

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Flood insurance is a good choice for your property.

Flood Insurance 

When looking at commercial insurance policies for a Hudson, WI, business, many company owners may be wondering if flood insurance is a good choice for their property. Here are a few things to consider.

1. What May Be Covered

In most cases, a flood policy will cover damage caused by nature or accidents. This usually includes incidents such as a broken pipe or sewer backup, along with rain overflow and other storm damage. It is the policy holder’s responsibility to know exactly what their plan covers, but most normal flooding falls under these categories. In many cases, the insurance provider may also cover the cost of repair and cleanup, as well as recommend a professional restoration service.

2. What May Not Be Covered

Many commercial insurance policies will not cover flooding that comes as a result of neglect. This means that if you knew one area needed repairs, you failed to take action, and flooding occurred as a result, then your insurance provider may decline coverage.

3. What a Restoration Company Can Do

Insurance providers may have recommendations for a restoration company that may be able to help. A professional restoration service is equipped to help with large-scale disasters according to FEMA guidelines. They also offer services such as electronic inventory management system, which can be used to document items and repair requirements as they go. The database can be updated by the restoration team and accessed by the insurance agents allowing them to have the most up-to-date information as they keep track of the claim.

When looking at their commercial insurance policy, it's up to the policyholder to know what exactly is included. In most cases, flooding caused by accidents or natural disasters will be covered. Flooding caused by neglect, however, probably will not. A professional restoration team may have the tools necessary to work with the insurance company in order to help process the claim and keep all required information updated.

Fire Cleanup 101: Always Throw Away These Three Items When Damaged by a Fire

2/26/2022 (Permalink)

Burned belongings After a fire, you should throw away any damaged food, medicine, or cosmetics.

Items To Throw Away After a Fire

A house fire is a devastating experience that everyone hopes to avoid. However, if a fire does occur in your home in Hammond, WI, you likely are wondering what items can be restored by a fire cleanup company and what items you will need to throw away. Fortunately, many of your most valuable possessions and important documents can be repaired from damage caused by fire and smoke. However, there are three items that you should always discard if they have been anywhere near the fire.


All food items that have apparent fire damage are unfit for human consumption. If the fire happened in another part of the house, there might be a chance that your food was unaffected. However, you will need to observe your food because high temperatures and power outages can also be an issue. Here are some signs that you need to throw away your food items:

  • Rusted or bulging cans
  • Charred food
  • Smoky smell inside the refrigerator
  • Food in the freezer no longer frozen
  • A foul smell before or while cooking


If you have any medicine in your home, you will need to consider if it is at all possible it came into contact with high heat. If so, immediately throw it out! Medicines that are exposed to temperatures in the mid-80s or higher can lose their effectiveness. Also, some types of medicine can cause serious damage to your organs if they’ve experienced any kind of decay.


Hazardous chemicals can easily make their way into any cosmetics that you may have, and extreme heat can even completely alter their chemical composition. Do not apply any makeups or hygiene products that have signs of either fire damage or soot stains to your skin to avoid irritation.

While you may want to preserve whatever you can after a fire, you’re better off making the decision to throw away any damaged food, medicines, or cosmetics to avoid effects that could impact on your health!