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Steps To Replace Your Leaking Toilet

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

Bottom of a toilet seeping water A leaking toilet in New Richmond, WI.

How to Replace a Leaking Toilet

Replacing a toilet is not always necessary, but sometimes toilet repair is not enough to fix your leaking toilet. Inspect for water damage on the walls and floors before replacing your toilet. If you discover there is damage, contact a water damage restoration company in New Richmond, WI, so professionals can handle the remediation. Once you’ve determined there is no water damage, you can replace your toilet following these steps.

1. Remove the Old Toilet
Turn off the water to the toilet using the shutoff valve. Flush the toilet to drain the water from the leaking toilet. Continue to hold down the handle until the water no longer drains. Sop up the remaining water in the tank with a towel or a sponge. Use a cup to remove any water left in the bowl. Disconnect the water-supply tube. Take off the caps of the closet bolts and remove the nuts. Lift the toilet off the floor and place it aside on plastic or cardboard.

2. Prepare for Installation
Scrape off the old wax gasket. When putting a new wax gasket on the closet flange, make sure it is centered. Apply plumber’s tape or a light coating of pipe-joint compound to the fittings on the water-supply tube.

3. Install the New Toilet
Lift the new toilet by the bowl near the seat hinges. Carry it over the flange and set it on the wax gasket aligning it with the closet bolts. Press down firmly on the rim of the bowl. Place the washer and nuts over the closet bolts and tighten until snug. Repeat pressing on the bowl and tightening the nuts until the nuts are no longer loose. Cut the bolts using a hacksaw and replace the caps.

4. Attach the Water Supply
Connect the water-supply tube to the toilet and the shutoff valve. Turn on the water and flush the toilet a few times. Prevent another leaking toilet by pressing on the bowl and tightening the nuts again. Use the toilet for several weeks, then retighten the bolts.
Allowing professionals to tackle any water damage is advised, but following these steps will ensure a properly installed toilet.

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