Recent Before & After Photos

Flood Water In River Falls, WI

This flooded basement in River Falls, WI was the result of a heavy storm that flooded a basement. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was rather de... READ MORE

Basement Water Loss in River Falls, WI.

A water loss in River Falls, WI. We were called in to try and dry the walls out and we also flood cut the walls to prepare the down stairs for carpeting install... READ MORE

Water Damage from Heavy Snows Causing Ice Dams

What happens when winter storms drop over 30 inches of snow in one month, and the snow isn't removed from the roof? You get the perfect combination needed to c... READ MORE

An Indoor Pool No One Ever Wants

When most people see it raining outside, the furthest thing from a homeowners thoughts is there basement turning into an indoor swimming pool. Worst case scena... READ MORE

Ready to Start Reconstruction After Fire Mitigation

When a fire happens, people start thinking about rebuilding, and assume that they can just start taking down smoke damaged drywall and they are ready to go. Typ... READ MORE

Soot Damaged Floor

"What can you save?" Is one of the biggest questions we get asked after a fire. Recently during a review of a fire we were asked if we could do with a tile flo... READ MORE

Local Commercial Fire

A fire can be a stressful time for anyone, but when you are a business owner you have the extra stress with worries regarding loss of income and the responsibil... READ MORE

Commercial Shop Fire

An unexpected disaster can be devastating for a business owner, stopping all work in it's tracks. SERVPRO was called in to help mitigate a commercial fire. Ou... READ MORE

General Turn Clean

This general turn clean was done at the request of a commercial client after a tenant moved out. It affected the entire dwelling, the entire unit need to be add... READ MORE

Water/Mold Mitigation

This mold remediation was the result of a extended water loss. It affected the entire dwelling, many areas needed to sectioned off so that the process could con... READ MORE